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Oskar Elmgart has been creating hand-cut original artwork in his New York studio since 2016.  Born out of a desire to create a conversation with the viewer, each piece plays upon the concept of sophisticated double meanings to provoke and inspire.

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Oskar & Nicole Joy

elmgARTS, the collaboration between husband
and wife team Oskar and Nicole Joy, has been
producing hand-cut original artwork in its downtown
New York studio since 2015.


Born in Sweden, Oskar has lived in Israel, Cyprus, Germany and the United Kingdom and has traveled all over the world. After 15 years as an investment banker on various global trading floors, Oskar returned to his creative roots, combining his loves of carving and music. As a child, Oskar developed an early fascination with using various blades and knives to create intricate stencils by watching his grandfather Hilding, a wood-carver. Oskar would look on while his grandfather used a special lathe to hand-carve trays and figurines up until his death in 2010 at over 90 years old. Oskar continued the legacy, spending long winters developing his own technique to transform objects with unique cutting methods that he now employs in every elmgARTS piece.   

Upon his relocation to New York, Oskar's love of music led him to explore the city's vast array of old record shops. It was then that the idea came to him to combine his age-old passion for carving with his love of music to create artistic works that converse with the viewer. Oskar also draws upon his vast exposure to different cultures and admiration for artists such as Banksy, Picasso, Chagall, Magritte, Warhol, Haring and Dali when creating his works. Oskar looks forward to sharing his love and appreciation for music and art with all of you. 

nicole joy

Nicole Joy is the creative and operational arm of elmgARTS, and Oskar’s muse and inspiration. Currently a practicing attorney, Nicole also has a degree in Art History and has lived and studied fine art in Paris, Nice and Florence.  In the studio, Nicole lends her artistic eye in the execution and assembly of each of work.  Utilizing her legal background, combined with her knowledge of fine art, Nicole ensures the integrity of the process involved in each piece of elmgARTS work that is created.


Gia is the elmgARTS’ gallery assistant and handles all aspects of maintaining the artists' studio and the elmgARTS original works for exhibitions. In addition, Gia assists with the elmgARTS’ marketing platform and is responsible for managing all social media and coordinating special events and exhibitions.