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Oskar Elmgart has been creating hand-cut original artwork in his New York studio since 2016.  Born out of a desire to create a conversation with the viewer, each piece plays upon the concept of sophisticated double meanings to provoke and inspire.

Artist Process


elmgARTS creates unique portraits by hand-cutting vinyl albums, album covers and other collectibles. Each piece is then painstakingly assembled and mounted onto canvas. The results are controversial artworks with sophisticated and witty double entendres. Each original hand-cut work contains a secret heritage that provokes a conversation with the viewer. 

Works in Progress: The artists in the studio hand-cutting and mounting Mr. President, for the Record and Tattoo Mick.


Watch as the artists make Jim Morrison and Madonna appear before your eyes.

The artists hand-carving "The Lizard King" from vinyl with a heated blade.  The Lizard King, 017.

The artists assembling  Madonna cut from vinyl, onto canvas.  She's That Girl, 2017.   


Using classic album covers as a medium, the artists use iconic imagery to create one of a kind binary portraits.